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If your here, then you must be in the market for a pole barn.  Maybe you know exactly what you want or maybe your not quite sure which style is right for you.  Either way were here to serve your needs and can answer all questions.  

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Pole Barn Styles

Gable Barn (A-frame)

Gable Barns have a triangular shaped roof (shape of a letter A).  The roof on the Gable Barn is built with a single slope on each side of the roof.  Gable Barn roofs  are often called a Gable Roof or an A-Frame Roof.

The pitch of a Gable Roof usually varies between 4/12 (8.43° angle) - 12/12 (45° angle).  Depending on application and the barn design, a lower or a higher roof pitch may also be used.  Its triangular shape makes construction quick and easy which equals savings.


  • Most affordable way to build the barn roof
  • Roof may be built with different angle


  • Less attic space compared to a Gambrel Barn

Gambrel Barn (Dutch)

This Gambrel style horse barn was built with optional lean-to on one side of the barn.  The size of

 Gambrel Barns have a roof that is constructed with double slopes on each side of the roof, with the lower slope having a steeper roof pitch than the upper slope.  Gambrel Barns are also sometimes called Dutch Style Barns.  A Gambrel Barn can be built using almost any type of construction framing technique.   The look of the roof on Gambrel Barns can be slightly changed, depending on the roof pitch and length of rafters you use on both, upper & lower slopes.


  • Gambrel style roof provides extra attic space for storage
  • Provides a different kind of look "Old Barn Look"


  • More expensive to build and longer construction time compared to a Gable Barn.


Monitor Style Barn shown here has optional lean-to installed on the side.  This barn is built with m

Monitor Barns (aka Raised Roof Barns) is the barn that has the center portion of its roof raised (or pushed up) from the main roof, which is then is supported by the addition of knee walls (short walls).  It is interesting to note that the look of this barn can slightly be altered simply by pushing the center part of the roof higher or by making the center part either narrower or wider.  Monitor Barns has a very unique look and is preferred by some people just for that reason.


  • Allows for extra room in the center while keeping the roof pitch low
  • Ability to install windows on sides of the roof without the use of dormers.


  • Provides less of the loft space
  • More expensive than a regular Gable Barn